COVID-19 vaccination in our surgery

Dear patients,

commencing in the week after Eastern covid jab is available in our surgery, for all inhabitants of Germany free of charge, regardless whether or not you have a medical insurance cover.

Preferential vaccination is given to elderly people, patients with certain chronic disease or occupation according to the guideline of the federal ministry of health.

Generally the jab is not compulsory. Following vaccines are available to start with:

– BioNTec for person above 16 years of age, in two doses of 6 weeks interval, and

– AstraZeneca for person above 18 years of age, in two doses of 12 weeks interval.

The surgery does not have an option in the selection or the allocation of the vaccines. My experience with both vaccines as vaccinator for the Friesland Vaccination Centre and mobile vaccination team for the local nursing homes is equally good. Direct or later severe adverse side effects from the immunisation are not observed. As a working member of the vaccination team I am myself fully inocculated against COVID 19.

Please contact our staffs for further information and appointments. Thank you.