Covid-19 booster jab

In the 12th update of 18th October 2021 the STIKO of Robert-Koch institute recommends the booster jab by a mRNA-vaccine (Biontec or Moderna) for persons of 70 years of age or older and certain people at risk. This should be applied 6 months after the 2nd jab for:

  • residents of care homes, also those who are younger than 70 years,
  • nursing and other staffs who have immediate contact to people to care for,
  • employees of medical facilities with direct contact to patients,
  • individuals with severe immune deficiency the covid booster jab is applicable from the age of 12 years and above resp. 4 weeks after the 2nd jab.

Medical student from Oldenburg University

From 4th to 8th October 2021 a medical student of the Oldenburg University will have his training week in our surgery.
He should have the opportunity to exercise practical skill early in his career: Taking medical history and clinical examination.
If you do not wish to be interviewed and examined by a medical student or to have him attending your appointment, please let our receptionist know.
Medical confidentiality is fully applied to such training sessions.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Surgery closed 01.10.21

Our surgery is closed on Friday, 1st October 2021.

Please make sure, you order your referral forms and repeat prescriptions in time.

Cover during our closure by:

– Praxis Dr Benjes (by appointment only)

Bahnhofstr. 40, 26409 Carolinesiel, Tel. 04464 941 9995

We are back in service from Monday, 4th October 2021.

Flu vaccine delivered

We vaccinate according to the recommendation of the STIKO.

Flu jab, like other inactivated vaccines, can be administered with covid 19-vaccine at the same time.

Vaccination protect you and your loved ones. Please contact us for an appointment.

Reimbursement for repeat vaccination due to fake jab with saline solution

The district administration of Friesland reimburses personal expense with 35€ for one and 50€ for two Covid-19 jabs which need to be repeated due to fake injection with saline solution and become public earlier this year.

Repeat vaccination can also be applied in a general practice, e.g. our surgery.

For more informations and application form see the website of the district administration of Friesland (German).

Flu jab for the approaching winter

The manufacturer has announced to deliver the flu vaccine in the coming weeks. We expect its arrival in our surgery in the 4th week of september.

This year there will be one jab for the under sixty and one for the equal or older than sixty years.

Covid 19 booster vax immediately possible

The amended corona virus vaccination regulation of the Federal Ministry of Health becomes effective as of today. The booster shot is not restricted to certain population groups. All citizens are entitled to the vax as long as an approved vaccine is available therefor.

The booster should be applied with an mRNA-vaccine (Biontec / Moderna). The minimum interval to the last vaccination is six months time.

A recommendation to the booster shot by the Standing Committee on Vaccination of Robert-Koch-Institute is not existent up to date.