COVID-19 vaccination in our surgery

Dear patients,

next week we will receive Biontec and Vaxzevria (=AstraZeneca) allocated, the week thereafter only Biontec. The informations from reputable sources change frequently. Vaccines are delivered week by week to the surgeries. Plan for the longer term and appointment are not possible. The core problem is the shortage of vaccine. Patients requesting Covid 19 immunisation are placed on our waiting list and invited to vaccination on short notice according to the federal prioritisation table.

Our recommendation: Please accept any jab offered to you either at work or from the vaccination centre in order to get it done as soon as possible. And inform us if you do not require it anymore. So we can offer the vaccine to someone else.

In the current state of knowledge, Vaxzevria is recommended to patients of 60 years of age or above. Overall it is a safe vaccine. The benefit outweighs by far the potential risk. Sinus thrombosis can also occur in patients older than 60 years. In the UK where Vaxzevria is applied mainly to older patients, sinus thrombisis is estimated to be below 1 per million immunised people [arznei-telegramm 30.03.21].

Thanks to the preliminary work of the vaccination centres many of our patients who are older than 80 years and those who live in nursing home have been already inocculated as revealed by our questionaire. We are not formally informed. So we are able to provide the vaccine to the remaining untreated patients and those who rely on regular home visit and have no access to the complicated registration system.

Immune sufficient person who has been infected by covid 19 confirmed by a laboratory diagnosis should obtain the covid vaccine as a one-off shot not earlier than six months after recovery [12.03.2021].