Study where others go on holidays!

As medical student of the Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg / European Medical School of Oldenburg – Groningen you are eligible to complete the practical weeks / “Hospitationen” of your curriculum in our surgery.

The travelling expense and accomodation during this period is financially supported by the local district administration. Up to date students have been accomodated in comfortable single room with a kitchenette and WLAN close to local shops and our surgery by foot. We assist you to find a suitable one. Having an own car would be helpful but not necessary. If wished, we can collect you from and bring you back to the train station in Jever. Also, we are pleased to help you in dealing with reimbursement matters.

The Landpartie Harlingerland as an elective en bloc over a 4 weeks duration, introduced and successfully run in 2018, will be available again in October each year.

We look forward to have you in our surgery!


  • Travelling expense and accomodation reimbursement inquiry at the Wittmund District Administration: (04462) 86-1155
  • “Hospitation” within the Landpartie Harlingerland programme: The landlord will invoice the Landpartie directly for accomodation.
  • Dress Code: White coat and name tag. Please bring your own stethoscope.
  • Beside the consultation rooms there is an office workstation with WLAN available in the surgery.