Please book an appointment for your consultation.

In case of acute illness please call us in the morning. Our staff will arrange for urgent appointment and be prepared for longer waiting time depending on the number of urgent cases.

Travel clinic: Please provide 6 weeks notice in advance of your departure date. Many vaccines have to be given as courses and in a particular order. Time is required to carry this out effectively.

Repeat prescription & referral letter: Please allow at least 1 – 2 days for your prescription and referral letter. Now and then it is neccessary for the doctor to see you personally for routine check. We will inform you due to course.

Email: This should only be used to handle non-urgent and non-clinical matters. We strive to respond to emails within 3 days.

The out-of-hours doctor on-call service is based in Wittmund, adjacent to the Wittmund Hospital, Dohuser Weg 10, 26409 Wittmund, Tel. 116 117.