Video consultation

The number of covid-19 patients is increasing in Germany. Accordingly the infection risk rises for each individual. The Robert-Koch institute recommends to reduce the social contact to a possible minimum therefor.

Video consultation assists to protect you, other patients and us to become infected, to prevent the outspread of the covid-19 pandemic and to secure the medical care for the population in need. By video consultation we are able to assess the severeness of your complaint, plan for examinations and initiate a treatment without you having to come into our surgery.

For the usage of CLICKDOC Video consultation there is no need to download or install a software to your electronic device. You receive an ID from us which is required when you log in by a web-enabled smartphone, Laptop or PC. It is free of charge.

Please make an appointment for your video session. We will send you the access data via email or text message. So you can log into for the consultation.