New Covid 19 vaccination recommendation of the STIKO

Since 18th August 22 the STIKO advises a second booster vac (the 4th in total) 6 months after the first one (3rd in total) for all:

  • above 5 years of age with chronic conditions e.g. asthma, COPD, diatebes mellitus, heart, liver and kidney diseases etc.
  • above 60 years independent from medical history
  • residents in nursing home
  • employees of medical and care facilities

and other personal groups.

For the very elderly a 5th vac could be applied 6 months after the 4th one.

mRNA vaccines (Biontec or Spikevax) should be used for the boostering.

In addition the STIKO advises explicitly not to wait for the announced, but not yet available new adapted covid 19 vaccine.

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