e-prescription available in our surgery

Around 500 millions paper prescriptions are issued each year in Germany. Since 2021 the electronic prescription facility has been introduced.

How does it work?

The doctor prescribes a medicine and transfers the data electronically to a special service.

The patient receives therefor a prescription code like a QR code either as a printout or an electronical transfer onto his smartphone.

For the smartphone option you need to install the complimentary E-Rezept-App of the Gematik: https://www.das-e-rezept-fuer-deutschland.de/en/the-app as well as your health card and its PIN (similar to a debit card and PIN for the cash machine). Both card and PIN are issued by your health insurrance company. They are necessary for the installation of the app.

At your chosen pharmacy the prescription code is scanned in enabling the dispense of your medicine.

Also, a dispensing of medicine via electronic health card is projected.

Advantages of the E-Rezept-App: https://www.das-e-rezept-fuer-deutschland.de/en/advantages

According to own statement local chemists are currently able to redeem the e-prescription, for instance Sonnen-Apotheke, Hohenkirchen; Apotheke am Krankenhaus, Wittmund; Friesen-Apotheke, Burhafe; Bären-Apotheke, Esens, Löwen Apotheke, Esens.